Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

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How to Select Beautiful and Functional Bathroom Fixtures

bath tub accesoriesYour choice of bathroom fixtures can really transform the entire look and feel of your bath area. That’s why you need to make a smart choice. Always remember that the best bathroom fixtures will not only look good but also work perfectly. So when you start shopping for the ideal fixtures, keep in mind that functionality and aesthetics are both important. With that said, we’ll give you a couple of tips to help you find the very best fixtures for your bathroom.

1. Consider what’s practical

You need to go for bathroom fixtures that are practical especially if your budget is quite restrictive. A practical fixture is one that fits perfectly in your bathroom space and is certainly a necessity. There are these must-have fixtures that you certainly cannot do without. You need to concentrate on those ones first before moving on to the ones that you can do without.

2. Save on costs

You don’t need to buy brand new bathroom fixtures. There are so many ways to spend less on these beautiful items and still get the best look in your bath area. For instance, you can shop around at various online shops that offer bathroom fixtures at discounted rates. You may land an amazing deal or even get a vintage piece that is original and in perfect shape. Don’t focus on the brand new ones especially if your budget is tight.

3. Choose fixtures that save on space

Bathroom fixtures will look best if they are chosen according to the space available. If you choose big fixtures for a small bathroom, they are likely to look out of place. Try and focus on fixtures that are designed to occupy as little space as possible. A good example is the pedestal sink that can fit in a small bath without making the area appear cluttered. A good bath remodeler can advise on the kind of fixtures that are suitable for your bathroom. You can also get so many ideas and designs by browsing online.

4. Ensure the fixtures complement each other

The look and feel of your bathroom is important and that’s why the fixtures you choose should go well together. Bathroom fixtures that appear a world apart will only make your bathing area look hideous. If you go for a vintage look then try and choose fixtures that are designed with a vintage theme like beautiful mirrors and a bathroom cabinet. Before buying a piece, think of how it would look with the other fixtures you intend to place in your bathroom.

5. Choose fixtures that help you save on utility bills

Modern bathroom fixtures are designed to help homeowners spend less on utilities. For instance, you can find toilets that dispense less water when flushing or even energy saving lighting fixtures for your bathroom area. Choosing these fixtures may seem expensive at the onset but they are a great way of saving costs in the long run. It’s good to consider items in your remodel that have long-term benefits.

Why Invest In a Walk In Tub

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Improving Your Quality of Life With a Walk In Bathtub

Making a purchase investment is generally something a consumer should heavily research, however investing in a walk-in tub is not only well worth the price, but also worth the time spent. Walk-in tubs offer many great amenities, including, but not limited to increased mobility and functioning, health benefits and therapeutic benefits. Walk-in tubs are generally considered to be an item for the elderly or those with limited or problematic mobility. While this is true, walk-in tubs have mass appeal for their comfort, versatility, and warrantees.

Walk-in tubs utilize space, and with inward swinging doors, there is little to no concern for lack of room in even the smallest spaces. Not only are walk-in tubs extremely well designed, but they are also generally made of much higher quality material than a regular shower or tub. Walk-in tubs offer versatility in sizing and can be custom designed and fit for the customer’s preference and comfort. Most walk in tubs will also offer therapeutic benefits with hydrotherapy jets. Hydrotherapy is an occupational therapy used to relief pain.

 In a walk-in tub, hydrotherapy is used through the jets and the jutting water which can reach up to the person’s chest or shoulders, depending upon customization, preference, and size. The hydrotherapy in a walk-in tub can help to aid relief in common pains such as a sore back of general muscle discomfort, and also has been proven to assist in fighting against joint or muscle stiffness, nerve problems, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism and other health issues and diseases.  Walk-in tubs not only aid in physical well-being and circulatory improvement, but also allow easy access and entry to the shower itself with a tightly sealed door low to the ground.

Most walk-in tubs will also come with a booster seat which provides additional height for comfort, suitable for those who find it difficult to move from sitting position. Walk-in tubs will usually also come with controls for unique and personal customization, so the consumer may change speeds of the jets, the strength or heat of the water, and so on.

Walk In Tubs – Best Investment You Can Make

Not only this, but walk in baths also eliminate the risk of slip and fall accidents, which are one of the most common household accidents to those of any age. All walk-in tubs will also come with gripping bars for those who find it easier to hold on when rising or reclining, and the floor is padded with anti-slip material so when showering, a fall is not likely to happen.

Walk-in tubs are great purchases for those who seek comfort and versatility in their everyday activity, as any brand of walk-in tub will come in varying sizes which the customer may choose from according to design placement. While most restrooms are small, walk-in tubs are made to be efficient in space, and will normally offer a model with an inward swinging door which seals shut. Whether looking into this purchase for comfort, health benefits, or as a luxury, the benefits of purchasing a walk-in tub are endless, making it an investment of a lifetime.  



Are Walk In Tubs and Showers In St Louis Available For Seniors | St Charles Walk In Showers MO

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Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis

Nothing seems like a great and relaxing Shower after a long, wheelsing day. This is a good benefit to any kind of hardworking individual out there. However, not everyone might have the luxury to access the normal bathtubs. This is where Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis are available in.

A Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis is the very best option to individuals out there that can not count on the common features of an ordinary bathtub. The senior and the differently-abled or the handicapped will definitely incline having Stroll In Showers St Charles MO. Almost any person that experience difficulty in moving could benefit from this.

The Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis

The design of a Walk In Showers St Charles provides primacy to safety, safety and naturally, convenience. Even folks that could not move freely can take pleasure in a personal convenience Shower.

The Functions of a St Louis Walk In Tubs and Showers

Comfort and security are the primary factor to consider of any type of Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis. An ordinary tub can be unfriendly. Entering and leaving the tub can give rather an obstacle. This is ignored in the Stroll In Showers St Charles MO

. The trouble is taken care of by providing a low entrance height. Any type of one can effortlessly enter and get out of the tub. There is additionally a latch and door into the side. The door features a watertight seal. This will certainly protect against leaking, thus reducing the frustrations.

The interiors of the Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis likewise add to the comforting encounter. A contoured integrated seat is provided. There is a security bar discovered on the side to supply help. The floor is slip-resistant. The controls are effortlessly accessible, so an older or a handicapped can be guaranteed to appreciate an exclusive Shower.

With these basic attributes, most definitely, there is no more difficulty in bath time.

Restorative Advantages a Stroll In Showers St Charles MO

. Obtaining a Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis surpasses benefit and security. Delighting in a ready bath and taking in the tub can aid address discomforts. Joint inflammation and joint problems can be eased by this stress-free endeavor.

Criterion whirlpools might also be a special function of the Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis. It can provide a relaxing and calming massage therapy to the one showering.

Ways to Acquire a Walk In Showers St Charles MO

. Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis are bigger compared to the ordinary tubs. There is no need to fret though as they still fit in most bathrooms. It is most recommended to purchase a bath-tub that was originally developed because of this. Just find an expert or skilled installer to place that tub in.

There are several suppliers around that supply walk-in bathtubs but Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis are the a single that makes use of quality products to constructed the tub.

Some also choose to merely redesigning their present bathtubs. Some will certainly transform the normal tubs by putting a comfy seat or some handle bars however Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis are a far better alternative.

Dealing with a Walk In Showers St Charles MO

. There is a significant option of Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis around from St Louis walk-in bathtubs. With the diverse styles and features to select from, it is easy any longer to take pleasure in an elegant Shower. Any individual, actually any person, can now appreciate that relaxing experience. No more bath time problems.

So wait no more. Get a Walk In Showers from Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis. It is important and crucial. It ensures safety and privacy. Get one and expect years of relaxing, satisfying and personal baths.

A Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis is the finest solution to people out there which could not count on the common functions of a regular bathtub. The insides of the Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis additionally contribute to the soothing experience. Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis are larger than the average tubs. There is a huge option of Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis out there from St Louis walk-in bathtubs. Get a Walk In Showers from Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis.

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Walk In Tubs and Showers St Louis

Safety Tubs® Video

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Safety Tubs® designs and manufactures award winning acrylic and gelcoat walk in bathtubs. Our revolutionary walk in tubs are the premier bathtub for a safer, healthier and more comfortable bathing experience. Safety Tubs® walk in bathtubs are great for active seniors, elderly people, disabled people, people with limited mobility or anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience. We now offer many new features and options — all exclusive to Safety Tubs — including: the T5™ patented door system, the patent pending Minute Drain™, Deluxe Back and Legs Only Massage systems, and more!

Walk in Tub FAQ 213-842-4081

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Walk in Tubs, Walk in Tub

When a person gets older, they often

start to lose control of various things that are important to them. No one wants to put their parents in an assisted living or nursing home, but when old age starts to affect mobility, safety becomes a very big issue.

The problem is, as an elderly person, the last thing you want to lose is your independence. When your friends have started to pass away, and possibly your spouse, it can seem like this is all you have left. The familiarity of your surroundings, which includes neighborhood friends, the ability to work in your yard, and more, is an incredibly important thing in your life.

So how do you balance safety and independence? A walk in tub can go a long way toward making the home a safer place for those who are elderly or mobility challenged. As you get older, your bones become more brittle, which increases the risk of serious injury from even the slightest fall. One of the easiest places for this to happen is in the bathroom, where hard, slick surfaces are often very wet and slippery. Statistics show that almost 66 percent of injuries from falling down occur in the bathroom, and a large percentage of these happen while getting in and out of the bathtub.

Walk in tubs or showers can easily take care of this problem. As a mobility challenged person, even a 12 inch tub can seem almost impossible to step into. A walk in tub has only a 5 inch ledge at most. A lot of seniors skip the joy of a daily bath or shower because they lack the ability to do so without help from a caregiver or family member. These tubs also have high side walls and grab bars, which make falling even less likely. The side walls make falling in our out of the tub next to impossible. There are even some walk in tubs that are wheelchair accessible. They can also be bought with bells and whistles such as temperature control and water jets, which can help older people by soothing their sore muscles and joints.

As a family member trying to care for an elderly parent, cost is also a consideration. Walk in tubs are more expensive than regular tubs, but the savings you will see from not having to hire a caregiver or put your loved one in a nursing home will be immense.

Overall, the benefits to be gained from a walk in tub far outweigh the one-time cost. Just the fact that the elderly will be able to stay in their home and keep their independence while creating a safer environment should be more than enough. Adding the savings on top of these facts should make the decision to explore this option easy. Plus, many older people have older homes, which often have very small bathrooms. Walk in tubs are compact, and can even create extra space. Our loved ones are the most important thing in our lives; making sure they are safe, and more importantly happy, should always be our number one goal. 213-842-4081

Walk in Tubs, Walk in Tub